Whether you're visiting St. Pete on Vacation or you're a local with a sense of style, St. Pete Shirt Co. has your gear. From the latest art shirts from artists like Chad Mize and hats, stylish belts and socks, and smart jewelry and accessories to make your time in the "burg" more fun and memorable.

Graphic T-Shirts by St. Pete Shirt Co.We have the latest St. Pete art shirts by Chad Mize along with a selection of hand-picked designs to make a statement. Whether you’re looking to be ironic or stylish, we have designs to fit every taste.

Custom Hats by St. Pete Shirt Co.A good hat is a prerequisite for a good time in the Sunshine City. We’ve got hip lids in loads of colors, sizes and styles.

Belts by St. Pete Shirt Co.Hold up your drawers in style with great looking belts. From cartoon characters to vogue art garb, we’ve got the perfect functional accessory.

Sock It To Me Socks at St. Pete Shirt Co.Think you can only make a statement with a hip shirt or hat? Think again. Stylish art socks are all the rage. Don’t leave your feet out of that party. Dress them in colorful socks. Who knows what kind of conversation it’ll start.

Custom Jewelry by St. Pete Shirt Co.Complete your look with custom, hand-made jewelry from local artists including Shelda. Reasonably priced but unreasonably adorable. Get your downtown flair on at St. Pete Shirt Co.

It’s time to make a difference with a unique watch from St. Pete Shirt Co. We’ve got a large selection of colorful, playful and purposeful timepieces. 

Custom Handbags and Accessories by St. Pete Shirt Co.We have a variety of accessories including insulated drink tumblers, tote bags and stickers for every style and taste.

Need Custom Screen Printing?

St. Pete Shirt Company exclusively uses St. Pete Ink for custom screen printing to create custom apparel for businesses, schools, events, teams and organizations. We can screen print anything from t-shirts to dress shirts, polos to jackets, for events of all sizes, from family reunions to corporate events.